About Natty


Shalom! I'm Natty- citizen of the world and a polyglot who grew up in Paris and London before settling in Tel Aviv.

As an avid solo traveller and frequent business traveller, I know that eating in restaurants sounds glamorous but in fact can be a bit tiresome if you do it too much! I'm a lawyer in my other life. On business trips in particular, I’ve yearned for a home setting where I might mingle with other business travellers who happen to be in town whilst experiencing a truly unique local culinary setting.    


As a passionate cook and foodie, I collect cook books from across the globe and take inspiration from these to create and adapt a plethora of tasty, healthy dishes. Many friends, friends of friends, colleagues, businessfolk and a few celebs (notably Marlow Rosado, Sulivan Gwed, the Backstreet Boys, Bastien Grimal, Lior Suchard, Mademoiselle Gloria and Tito Puente Jr) have wined, dined and chatted at my dinner table and it’s now time to extend that invite to friends I have yet to meet (that’s you!).