Natflat in the Press

Reshet TV Channel 13- Sept 2018


  'Before the News' TV program about immigrant entrepreneurs and their small businesses in Israel.  

Natflat in the Press

Jessica in the Kitchen Blog- March 2019

Israel’s hospitality surpasses anywhere else in the world that I’ve been. Natalie invited me to dinn

"I have to take this moment to shout out Natalie and speak to Israel’s hospitality. It surpasses anywhere else in the world that I’ve been... Natalie invited me to dinner with her family. Not only was this an honour, it was really fun! I got to help prepare the dinner, eat and learn from her family and share some blogging info with them. It was such a fun night.

Natalie helped me to arrange my trip to the Dead Sea, gave me solid direction for Jaffa and took  me on a walking tour of Tel Aviv...without a doubt she ensured I was taken care of...

That is the beauty of Israeli hospitality – I made so many life long friends!"

Times of Israel- July 2018


 "Paris-born Natalie Seeff immigrated to Israel nine years ago from the UK. She was working as a lawyer until recently, but set up her new business, Natflat Supper Club, a few months ago, hosting tourists and business visitors at her home in Tel Aviv for group dinners of up to 15 people. Whatever is left over, she said, she donates to the homeless. " 

Natflat in the Press

Israel 21c- May 2018


 "Invite Yourself to Dinner: Interacting with Israelis on the street won't necessarily leave you with the best impression. But break bread with them in their own home and you will get a whole new perspective. Plus, you get the added bonus of engaging them in conversation about whatever you like. Israelis are hard to offend, so money, politics and religion are often not off the table. Or you can keep it light and ask for recommendations on favorite spots/activities and local culture. Meal-sharing services and experiences such as Natflat Supper Club, Betzavta and EatWith make it easy to get on the inside and create lasting friendships with Israelis."  

Time Out Tel Aviv- December 2017


  "Natalie grew up in Paris and lived in London before settling in Tel Aviv almost a decade ago where she now lives and hosts the Natflat Supper Club in her home, just minutes from the beach. Her mom has Persian origins and her dad is British and when she began collecting cookbooks on her travels, she delved deep into the healing effects of dietary choices. Bringing these all under one roof, she hosts dinner parties for friends, travelers and even celebrities. "My brother is gay so I'm the 'A' of LGBTQA: I think of myself as an ally. I have no room for bigotry, hatred or narrow-mindedness", she says. Alongside her good vibes, expect fresh breads and dips, salads, soups, fish, chicken, veggie and vegan mains, chocolate creations and fruit-based delights."